Paper and Packaging

Nowadays, waxes are widely used in paper products. In packaging applications, paper and paperboard are more resilient and economically feasible than other material like plastics or metal. However, the only difficulty you run into with it is their inherently poor barrier properties. In most cases, paper and paperboard must be coated with waxes or plastics to provide barrier capabilities to water, vapor, gases and odors.

AST PetroChemie offers a wide range of petroleum and synthetic waxes suitable for impregnation, lamination and coating of different paper products.

Depending on the application requirements, the coating waxes are categorised as:
  • Impregnation Waxes
    They are applied as they are, meaning that an impregnation wax is a straight cut paraffin wax without any polymer additives. Such waxes provide protection against water and water vapor
  • Saturating Waxes
    These types of waxes are also petroleum based, however, they are blended with certain polymer additives to provide special properties and enhance their performance. Main application is corrugated board like for iced seafood and poultry, where these waxes used to give wet strength.
  • Curtain Coating Waxes
    They are considered as advanced engineered formulation of wax blends and polymers. Whilst Paraffin Wax is the base material, other polymers, resins and micro waxes are commonly used as additives. Curtain Coating Waxes provide important properties like heat stability, gloss and gloss stability, scuff and grease resistance.
AST PetroChemie coating waxes for paper and food packaging are fulfilling the purity requirements as they are food grade, tasteless and odorless.

For further information please contact us with your specific requirements. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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