AST PetroChemie offers a range of waxes; both synthetic and petroleum based ones, which are:
  • Effective and economical lubricants suitable for the PVC Industry
  • Effective as economical dispersing aids, sole carrier and release agents for the masterbatch industry
  • Effective as economical dispersing aids and release agents for the compounding industry
Our lubricants are especially useful for processes covering calendaring, extrusion of pipes and profiles, sheets, foam injection molding or flexible PVC. Although the levels of wax dosage are small, there is an accentuation of the high efficiency of lubrication as one of the virtues of wax. This aspect along with other key benefits highlight:
  • Highly efficient lubricant by all conversion means
  • Friction reduction and shear dependant viscosity control which
    results an enlargement of the processing windows
  • Significantly improve surface finish
  • Reduce power consumption
In the masterbatch industry, our waxes provide benefits such as improved polymer flow properties, easier processability, and better wetting characteristics. AST PetroChemie waxes are especially useful for the production of high quality pigment masterbatches as they enhance the color yield and allow lower filter pressure values.

In the compounding industry, our waxes have advantages which include better flow, better preparation and release or better demolding properties to the finished article.

Our petroleum based paraffin and microcrystalline waxes are having low softening points. Our microcrystalline waxes are pretty effective in PVC systems with high levels of calcium stearate.

The information provided is just a scope of product application. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further technical details or the related Product Data Sheets. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

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