Candles are one of the oldest uses of wax, but still vital. Depending on region, candles still have importance as primary illumination, for traditional rituals and religious festivities. Today, candles mark romance, soothe the senses or accent home decor: they cast a warm and lovely glow for all to enjoy.

Candle can be either handmade or produced by the method of extrusion, powder pressing, drawing, and moulding or dipping.

Petroleum Waxes are most commonly used as candle wax today. However, beeswax, palm wax, soy wax, gels or synthetic waxes are also used in candle-making, as are their blends. None of these waxes is considered “best” for candle making, as long as they are provided in high quality: they burn cleanly, safely and in the same manner.

AST PetroChemie product portfolio for candles offers:

  • Straight cut semi and fully refined waxes
  • Tailor made blended waxes
  • Additives providing significant improvement of wax properties
    such as consistency, melting point or appearance
Our Candle Waxes are suitable for jar candles, molded or pressed pillars, taper candles made by extrusion, dipping, drawing or moulding. Further, moulded or pressed votives and tea lights. We offer as well wick waxes and over-dipping waxes.

Product Melting Point Penetration Color
AST 1290 54 – 56 18 – 22 White
AST 1320 56 – 58 14 – 18 White
AST 1330 57 – 59 16 – 22 White
AST 1350 57 – 59 10 – 14 White
AST 1400 60 – 62 12 – 18 White
AST 1405 60 – 62 16 – 22 White
AST 1430 62 – 64 12 – 18 White

As far our blended Candle grades are concerned, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details. It will be our pleasure to assist you.
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