Inks and Coatings

AST PetroChemie offers a wide range of waxes suitable for water and solvent based inks and coatings.

Whilst most of our grades are supplied in granules, prills or flakes and have to be predispersed or emulsified before being added into the ink or coating, certain products are also available in micronized form.

To choose the right wax for inks or coatings, the solvent system is evident and most important criteria. Polar waxes are easier to disperse in polar systems and vice versa. Polar and non polar waxes can be used in powder coatings.

Waxes are typically used in offset, gravure and flexographic ink systems.

The advantages of using waxes as additives in inks and coatings are:
  • Improving the resistance of the ink or coated film to rub, scuff and scratch
  • Provide slip and anti-blocking properties
  • Provide matting / gloss control and structuring effect
  • To act as a barrier and enhance water barrier and respiration properties
To see what products AST PetroChemie can offer you for solvent or water based ink or coatings systems, please contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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