AST PetroChemie SAE
Alexandria / Egypt

About us

AST PetroChemie SAE is an Egyptian entity specialized in designing/developing and distributing an extensive range of waxes as well as other related products for industrial applications.

Being registered with the regional Petroleum Authorities, we have direct access to various raw materials and finished products such as slack waxes, micro waxes or paraffin waxes.

Our main focus, however, is the marketing of custom made wax specialties, microcrystalline waxes, synthetic waxes, petroleum jellies and white oils being used amongst others in applications such as candles, paper coating, cosmetics, hot melts and as processing aid in plastic and rubber.

Creating Value is an integral part of our philosophy by providing technical proficiency along with product and packaging solutions in a competitive environment.

At AST PetroChemie, our commitment is to deliver an outstanding customer service experience along with excellent communication.
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