Synthetic Wax

Synthetic Waxes have been introduced to the wax market in the past 60 years.

The major synthetic waxes available are Polyethylene waxes, which are low molecular weight polyethylene having wax-like properties and made by high-pressure or low pressure polymerization. Furthermore, there are Fischer-Tropsch waxes, which are produced by the polymerization of carbon monoxide under high pressure, a technology used in natural Gas to Liquid (GTL) projects. The hydrocarbon product of FT reaction is distilled to separate the mix into fuels products and waxes with melting points ranging from 45°C to 105ºC.

AST PetroChemie has a distinctive range of Synthetic Waxes in its portfolio, which offers unique properties such as high melting point and crystallinity or low melt viscosity.

Product Congealing Point Penetration Color
AST 8100 96 – 101 2 max White
AST 8105 101 – 108 2 max White
AST 8200 105 – 115 3 max White
AST 8220 105 – 115 5 max White
AST 8240 105 – 115 7 max White

AST PetroChemie offers its synthetic waxes in micronized, flaked or pelletized forms and thus suitable for a variety of applications ranging from hot melt adhesives, inks, paints and coatings, in plastics, textile and rubber.

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