Slack Wax

Slack Waxes are waxes which are unrefined and with high oil content. They are derived from lubricating oils. Whilst their characteristics are most commonly described by Melting Point, Oil Content and Color, a more accurate classification however, is their viscosity along with their most familiar grouping in spindle light, light, medium and heavy.

Slack Waxes are either further processed to produce more refined waxes or often find their usage “as they are” in wax emulsions, fire logs, rubber compounding, construction board, matches or even candles.

AST PetroChemie has following grades regularly available:

Product Melting Point Oil Viscosity
AST 9010 Min. 45,0 Max. 25,0 Min. 3,0
AST 9020 Min. 50,0 Max. 30,0 Min. 4,5
AST 9030 Min. 55,0 Max. 30,0 Min. 6,0
AST 9050 Min. 50,0 Max. 18,0 Min. 4,0

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